Lake Constance Cycle Path

Lake Constance Bike Tour: The Classic Way

"All the way round"

 Constance – Stein am Rhein – Überlingen – Bregenz – Constance

  • Time for all the sights: flower island of Mainau, medieval town Meersburg, Zeppelin museum Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Bregenz
  • Daily routes ●●●○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○


km / day avg.

On the classic Lake Constance Cycle Path you cycle all the way round the lake in a week: from Constance you can easily explore the three parts of this great lake. First the Lower Lake with the idyllic Höri peninsular and the colourful frescoes in the medieval town of Stein am Rhein. And the Upper Lake awaits you with a wonderful alpine panorama, pretty little vineyards and extensive orchards. Along the cycle path are familiar Lake Constance towns, which all want to tempt you to stop for a break: Meersburg Castle, the Zeppelin museum in Friedrichshafen, the harbour wall complete with lighthouse and lion in Lindau, the lake stage in Bregenz, the rack and pinion train in Rorschach... 
A stroke of luck that the sections along the Lake Constance Cycle Path aren't too long. That gives you plenty of time to discover and explore the familiar and not so familiar sights. 

We offer you our Lake Constance Bike Tour in three different categories:
In the cheapest category B you will stay in good hotels and inns on 2* / 3*-level, which can also be located in the outlying districts.
A little more comfortable and central you will stay in the hotels on 3* / 4*-level of category A.
New we have the category K. The beautiful 4* hotels are mostly located near or directly on the shore of Lake Constance.

Lake Constance Cycle Path: The Classic Way
  • Booking Code
  • Start / Destination
    Constance / Kreuzlingen
  • Duration
    7 days / 6 nights
  • Length
    approx. 230 / 250 km
    Daily routes ●●●○○
    between 30 and 60 km, Ø 45 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Constance

After arriving, take some time to wander through the medieval old quarter of Constance. Many restaurants, cafes and beer gardens tempt tourists and locals out into the little streets of this university town. Have a look at the historic buildings, the lively harbour and the rotating statue of Imperia. Enjoy a fascinating panoramic view of the town from the Münster church tower or sip an elegant glass of Lake Constance wine at the waterside. 
Your Lake Constance cycling holiday starts in a very relaxing manner!

Stein am Rhein
Stein am Rhein

Day 2: Constance – Gailingen / Stein am Rhein, approx. 40 / 30 km (Category B)
Constance – Gailingen / Stein am Rhein / Wangen, approx. 30 / 40 km (Category A)
Constance – Wangen / Hemmenhofen, approx. 35 / 40 km (Category K)

First, you cycle along the southern Swiss shore of the Untersee and pass many villages, presenting themselves typical to this region. Finally you reach the little, pittoresque town of Stein am Rhein with its many frescoed houses. Depending on where you are staying the night, you might cross the border again for Gailingen or Gaienhofen.



Day 3: Gailingen – Ludwigshafen / Sipplingen / Überlingen, approx. 40 – 60 km (Category B)
Stein am Rhein – Überlingen, approx. 40 – 60 km (Category A)
Wangen – Überlingen, approx. 45 / 50 km (Category K)

Today you circle the romantic peninsula Höri. The famous painter Otto Dix and the well-known author Hermann Hesse used to call this place their home. In the old imperial town on Radolfzell you take a little break before you cross the Bodanrück. A short steep incline is on your way to Überlingen, the only one all around Lake Constance.

Pile dwellings in Uhldingen
Pile dwellings in Uhldingen

Day 4: Überlingen – Kressbronn / Nonnenhorn / Lindau, approx. 50 – 60 km (Category B)
Überlingen – Wasserburg / Lindau, approx. 60 km (Category A)
Überlingen – Lindau, approx. 60 km (Category K)

The fourth section of your cycling holiday along the Lake Constance Cycle Path takes you to the Upper Lake, the biggest part of Lake Constance. Your first destination is the pilgrimage church of Birnau, a Baroque jewel in an idyllic location. Next, you cycle on to Uhldingen, to the pile dwellings. The few kilometres on to Meersburg are accompanied by lots of places to hop in to the water for a swim. You pedal through deep green vineyards and fragrant smelling orchards to Friedrichshafen. Once you're there, there's enough time to visit the Zeppelin museum with the world's largest exhibition on the history and technology of aviation. On the way to today's destination, you cycle over the old Argen bridge - a role model for the famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Bregenz' local mountan, the Pfänder
Bregenz' local mountan, the Pfänder

Day 5: Kressbronn – Höchst / Rorschach , approx. 30 – 50 km (Category B)
Lindau – Arbon, approx. 50 km (Category A)
Lindau – Horn, approx. 45 km (Category K)

Now only a few kilometres are between you and Austria. Bregenz, capital of Vorarlberg, is quite a magnet especially in the summer months, not least because of the festival concerts that take place on its magnificent lake stage. From Bregenz' local mountain, the Pfänder, you have sensational views over this corner of the world - home to three countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland! If you're staying the night in Arbon or Rorschach, cross the border now to Switzerland. And treat yourself to some original Swiss chocolate! 


Day 6: Höchst – Constance, approx. 50 / 60 km (Category B)
Arbon – Constance, approx. 35 km (Category A)
Horn – Constance, approx. 40 km (Category K)

When asked what was the best part of the Lake Constance Cycle Path many of our guests name the route between Rorschach and Constance: great places to go for a swim, ice-cream parlors and impressive old and new buildings are all along the cycle path. Add to that the snow-topped peaks of the alps that rise majestically in the distance. Allow yourself enough time for the last section of your cycling holiday and enjoy the views. Back in Constance, you can be proud of your achievement: 
in the last seven days you've cycled over 200 km all around Lake Constance - and it was easy!

Constance harbour
Constance harbour

Day 7: Individual departure or extension of stay

On the seventh day, your cycling holiday on the Lake Constance Cycle Path comes to an end with a relaxing breakfast. If you want to stay a little longer on Lake Constance, we are happy to extend your stay in Constance or any of the other towns here.