The Lake Constance Bike Tour to the Rhine Falls

The Lake Constance round trip

The popular Lake Constance Bike Tour!

 Constance – Überlingen – Lindau – Schaffhausen – Constance

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Reichenau Island, Friedrichshafen, Lindau, Stein am Rhein
  • Boat trips on Lake Constance and to the Rhine Falls included!
  • Daily routes ●●●○○
  • Altitude profile ●●○○○
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km / day avg.

On this Lake Constance round trip you crown your route around the lake with a trip to the Rhine Falls - one of Europe's largest waterfalls. When you're on your bike cycling through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, you are constantly accompanied by simply stunning scenery: The snow-peaked Alps appear to be literally rising out of the crystal clear water of the lake, which is also dotted with brightly coloured sailing boats. Out and about, you have enough time to discover the larger and smaller sights at your own pace: medieval picture-book towns such as Constance or Stein am Rhein, Überlingen with its Mediterranean lakeside promenade, the Zeppelin town of Friedrichshafen or Bregenz with its spectacular lake stage -  these are just some of the beautiful places on your Lake Constance round trip. And at the end, a very special event awaits: a boat takes you right up close to the roaring Rhine Falls.

The Lake Constance round trip
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  • Duration
    8 days / 7 nights
  • Length
    approx. 295 km
    Daily routes ●●●○○
    between 35 and 60 km, Ø 50 km
    Altitude profile ●●○○○

Day 1: Individual arrival in Constance

You start your tour in Constance, a classic place to start a Lake Constance round trip. Take some time to explore this, the biggest town on the lake. The medieval historic quarter is among the most beautiful in this area. In the narrow windy streets you'll find numerous restaurants and cafes. Or you can tackle the many steps up to the viewing platform of the cathedral church and enjoy views of the lake and the Alps in the background. The opposite bank of Lake Constance can't actually be seen from the tower; it remains concealed beyond the horizont. But in just a week you will have cycled around this seemingly enormous lake.


Day 2: Constance – Radolfzell – Ludwigshafen / Sipplingen / Überlingen, approx. 35 – 50 km (category B)
Constance – Radolfzell – Überlingen, approx. 50 km (category A)

The first kilometres of your Lake Constance round trip keep your sights set on the island of Reichenau and the volcanic mountains of Hegau - to Allensbach. It is said that Allensbach has the "best ice cream on Lake Constance". You should definitely try some - and there will be more potential contenders for this title on your tour. After you've visited the old Imperial town of Radolfzell, you cross the Bodanrück range of hills and upon reaching Bodman, you're at the upper arm of Lake Constance. You now cycle right along the side of the lake to Überlingen. At the harbour there, treat yourself to another ice-cream and see if the best ice-cream on Lake Constance is in ... !

Birnau, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen
pilgrimage church at Birnau

Day 3: Überlingen – Kressbronn / Nonnenhorn / Lindau, approx. 50 – 60 km (category B)
Überlingen – Kressbronn / Lindau, approx. 50 / 60 km (category A)

A Baroque jewel is to be found along the first few kilometres of your second step of the tour: the romantic pilgrimage church at Birnau. The famous pile dwelling are just before Unteruhldingen, in the water. Here you can find out all about the exciting lives people led on Lake Constance 6000 years ago. The next stretch to Meersburg is quickly cycled. Meersburg is a small town with a fort and two castles - the old and the new castle. In the trade fair town of Friedrichshafen, you can expect to get interesting insights into aviation history. In the Zeppelin museum you can clamber aboard reconstruction of the famous Hindenburg airship, accurate in every detail. With views of the snow-topped peaks of the alps, you cycle the last few kilometres of today's route to Kressbronn or Lindau.

Bregenz Lake Stage

Day 4: Kressbronn – Höchst / Rorschach, approx. 40 - 50 km (category B)
Lindau – Arbon, approx. 50 km (category A)

Three countries and one free state are on today's section of your Lake Constance round trip! Cycling through rich green orchards, you soon reach Lindau, the only Bavarian town on Lake Constance. The meandering historic quarter is on an island. Lindau harbour is watched over by a 6-metre tall statue of a Bavarian lion. Back on the mainland, you cross the Austrian border and then it's only a few kilometres to the festival town of Bregenz. The magnificent stage in the lake has established itself as the town's landmark. But there's much more to see in this, the capital town of Vorarlberg before you continue cycling. After you have crossed the Alphenrhein, where it flows into the lake, you will have already reached the Swiss border.


Day 5: Höchst – Constance, approx. 60 km (category B)
Arbon – Constance, approx. 35 km (category A)

If your overnight accommodation is in Höchst, then cross the Swiss border and take a first stop in Altenrhein. Here you'll find Hundertwasser Hall - one of the last buildings created by this colourful artist. Your Lake Constance round trip continues via Rorschach to Arbon and Romanshorn. You cycle through small, lovely Swiss villages, always close to the lake. And all the while, you can enjoy views of Friedrichshafen and the German side of the lake. As you cycle, you'll see plenty of places where you can stop to hop into the lake for a refreshing dip. Just a few kilometres before Constance, you will have the chance to visit Münsterlingen Monastery, which is no longer inhabited, and its lovely Baroque church.


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Day 6: Constance – Schaffhausen, approx. 50 km

After you have cycled round the Überlingen and Upper Lake parts of the lake, your Lake Constance round trip takes you on to explore the Lower Lake in two sections. From the Swiss border, wonderful views extend to Reichenau Island, the Höri peninsular and the volcanic Hegau region. The small, medieval town of Stein am Rhein seems as if it's been taken from a picture book. The colourfully painted timber-framed houses, some big, some small, take position in line with each other along the town's narrow streets. Hohenklingen Castle stands majestically above the town. Next, you leave Lake Constance behind you and continue your cycling holiday along the River Rhine. For a few kilometres, it marks the line of the German-Swiss border. Arriving in Schaffhausen, there's enough time for a wander through this town of 171 gables.

Rhine Falls
Rhein Falls

Day 7: Schaffhausen – Rhine Falls – Constance, approx. 45 km + boat trips

An exciting highlight awaits you on the last section of your cycling holiday: the Rhine Falls at Schaffhausen. Over 600,000 litres of water rush down the falls every second. The Rhine Falls are one of the biggest waterfalls in Europe. A boat takes you right up close to the thundering masses of water. It's an amazing experience. Next, you follow the familiar cycle path to Stein am Rhein. You now follow the Lake Constance cycle path along the Höri peninsular, which Hermann Hesse and Otto Dix once called home. In Gaienhofen, you go aboard a boat that takes you straight to Reichenau Island. You cycle back to the mainland along an avenue of poplar trees along the island dam and then there's only a few kilometres left to pedal on your Lake Constance Cycling Holiday back to Constance.


Day 8: Individual departure or extension of stay

Your Lake Constance round trip comes to an end after an extended breakfast. If you don't want to leave already, we are happy to extend your stay on the lake. In Konstanz or one of the other towns on the lake there is still a lot to explore.