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On the Lake Constance cycle path

Useful tips for your tour:

There is hardly a better way to explore the picturesque Lake Constance region than by bike. The Lake Constance Cycle Path takes you on a breathtaking route around the entire lake, through idyllic villages, past historic towns and along the glittering shores of Germany's largest lake. On this page, we would like to provide you with useful information and tips for your journey along the Lake Constance Cycle Path.

  • Planning is everything: Before you set off, it's worth planning your tour in advance. Think about how many kilometers you want to cycle per day and find out about accommodation options along the route.
  • The right equipment: Don't forget to take the right equipment with you. In addition to a roadworthy bike, this also includes a helmet, bike tools, rain protection and sufficient provisions.
  • Enjoy the view: The Lake Constance cycle path takes you past numerous sights. Take your time to enjoy the impressive scenery and cultural highlights along the way.
  • Plan short breaks: Plan regular breaks to relax and stretch your legs. You can recharge your batteries at the many beautiful rest stops along the cycle path and enjoy the view of the lake.
  • Respect nature: Lake Constance and its surroundings are a sensitive ecosystem. Please contribute to this by taking your garbage with you and keeping to the designated paths to preserve the natural beauty of this region. The optimal time to travel the Lake Constance Cycle Route is from spring to fall, when the weather is pleasant and the landscape is in full bloom.

We hope you find this overview page helpful when planning your cycle tour around Lake Constance and wish you an enjoyable and trouble-free cycle tour along the beautiful Lake Constance!