Don't forget your insurance coverage!

Until the start of your vacation, a lot of things can still happen. This is why we recommend booking a travel cancellation insurance. Please book this only after receiving our written booking confirmation.

If there are less than 30 days between the booking confirmation and the start of the trip, you must conclude any desired insurance within 3 working days.

The right protection for your trip:

Travel Cancellation Basic Protection

  • Basic travel cover, with excess
  • Insurance coverage before the start of the trip:
    in the event of unexpected illness, serious injury or death of the policyholder or a close relative
    in the event of substantial property damage to the property of the insured, unexpected loss of employment of an insured traveler

Full travel cancellation cover

  • Basic travel cover, optional without deductible
  • Insurance cover before the start of the trip as for basic cover, plus:
    Protection in the event of the above events during the trip leading to cancellation
    Reimbursement of rebooking fees up to 40 €

GuteFahrt protection

  • Basic travel duration, optional without deductible
  • Insurance cover as for full travel cancellation cover, plus:
    Luggage insurance
    optional travel health insurance incl. medical evacuation