Luggage transfer at Lake Constance

You cycle – we take care of your luggage!

If you plan your tour on the Lake Constance cycle route yourself, we will be happy to take something off your hands: Your luggage. No matter if you are on the road by bike, on foot or on inline skates; if you choose our luggage transport, you will travel with light bags.

How does the luggage transport work?


  • Daily from mid-April to mid-October


  • Clockwise around Untersee and Obersee


  • Leave your luggage at reception by 9 a.m.
  • We will have your luggage delivered to your desired destination by 6 p.m. at the latest.


  • We transport luggage up to a maximum of 20 kg per suitcase.


  • Access to luggage must be guaranteed for our drivers between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to serve private accommodation and guesthouses with reception desks that are not staffed at all times.
  • As a matter of principle, we do not go to campsites or private accommodation.
  • We cannot undertake transport within Switzerland.


  • 17 € per suitcase and transport
  • Payable by bank transfer or PayPal after we have issued the invoice.


  • Can be booked online or by email up to seven days in advance


Radweg-Reisen GmbH
Fritz-Arnold-Straße 16A
78467 Konstanz

logistik [at] 
+49 7531 81 99 3-29

Overview map

Almost all cyclists circumnavigate Lake Constance clockwise, because who goes "right around" is on the lake side of the road, while "left around" the road is between the lake and the bike path. That's why we offer our luggage transfer also only clockwise.
In addition, we can not transfer luggage within Switzerland. However, the transfer to Switzerland or from Switzerland to Germany or Austria is no problem.

Luggage transfer on the Lake Constance Cycle Path

Which pieces of luggage are transported?

We only transport closed pieces of luggage, i.e. all standard suitcases or travel bags. What we do not transport are open bags, boxes with wine bottles or similar items. Please do not pack anything fragile in your luggage. 

A piece of luggage may weigh up to 20 kg. We have agreed on this with our luggage drivers. 

Luggage arrival: By 6 p.m.

As it is possible, especially on short stages, that you will arrive at your next hotel before your luggage, it is best to pack a set of fresh clothes in your day luggage. This way you can freshen up already without waiting for your luggage.

Cross-border luggage transport

For customs reasons, we are unfortunately unable to transport luggage within Switzerland. However, if only one station of the stage, i.e. the pick-up or destination, is in Switzerland, we will of course be happy to take care of the transport. 
As Lake Constance borders on three countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, customs controls also take place in the hinterland and not only when crossing the border.
Leave your luggage unlocked so that it can be checked by customs if necessary. If your luggage has been checked during the day, you will of course receive a message from us. Due to customs regulations, we are not allowed to transport alcohol, tobacco or similar in your luggage.

Limitation of liability

We accept no liability for valuables of any kind. Securities, cash or gold bars are therefore excluded from transport, as are medical equipment, fragile goods, laptops and live animals. In the event of loss or damage to your luggage, the contractual liability is limited to 750 euros / piece of luggage.

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Questions & Answers about luggage transport

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about luggage transport on Lake Constance for you. Perhaps you will already find the information you are looking for here. If not, do not hesitate to ask us directly. Either by mail to logistik [at] (logistik[at]radweg-reisen[dot]com) or by phone at +49 7531 81 99 3-29

Questions & Answers
Booking and payment
How much does luggage transport cost?

Per piece of luggage 17 euros per leg.

How does the payment work?

If you book luggage transport up to two weeks before your arrival, you will pay the bill in advance by bank transfer. You will also receive your luggage tags with the invoice.

For short-term bookings, you pay via PayPal upon request from us. In this case, our staff will attach the luggage tags during the first transport.

Can I also book luggage transport counterclockwise, for example from Friedrichshafen to Überlingen?

Unfortunately no. Since most cyclists like to have the lake on their side, 95% cycle around the lake in a clockwise direction. That's why our baggage drivers only travel clockwise. And since the drivers start and end their tours in Konstanz, it is also not possible to book luggage transport beyond Konstanz.

Until when can I book luggage transport? Can I still cancel or change my order?

You can book online or by logistik [at] (email) up to seven days in advance. You can cancel your order free of charge up to 1 day before transport.For cancellations on the day of transport or for failure to cancel (“no show”), we charge 100% cancellation costs for that day.

Do I need to inform the hotels in advance that one or more pieces of luggage will be delivered during the day?

Yes, you take care of that. Best when booking. At this point you can also contact the hotel, restaurant or youth hostel to find out where the luggage can best be delivered or left. Please note that we only travel to locations where continuous access to the luggage is guaranteed between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Questions & Answers
About the luggage
What is allowed in your luggage and what is not?

We will of course transport your normal luggage without any complaints. What we do not transport and for which we assume no liability are glass bottles, laptops or tablets, medical devices, animals, valuables of any kind (securities, gold bars, cash, precious stones).
In addition, goods that may have to be cleared through customs, such as alcohol, cigarettes or raw meat, are excluded from transport.

Why am I not allowed to lock my luggage?

Since Lake Constance borders three countries, it can always happen that customs wants to check a piece of luggage. If the customs officials cannot open a piece of luggage, we would have to order you to customs, as neither the officials nor our drivers “crack” luggage.
If your luggage has been checked, you will of course receive a message from us with your luggage.

How heavy can a piece of luggage be?

We transport luggage up to 20 kg. Anything else would be at the expense of our baggage drivers. And we don't want to expose them to that. It is better to pack a second bag if you have doubts that the luggage is too heavy.

What do I do if my luggage arrives damaged at its destination?

Contact us. If the damage is actually caused by improper luggage transport or if your luggage is lost unexpectedly, we limit liability to a maximum of 750 euros per piece of luggage.

Questions & Answers
Are the bags only transported from hotel to hotel?

Of course, we not only transport your luggage from hotel to hotel, but also from youth hostel to hotel or from guesthouse to guesthouse. The only important thing is: Our baggage drivers need free access to the baggage drop-off location between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
And: We do not transport luggage to or from campsites, Airbnb accommodations or private apartments!

Does the hotel reception have to be staffed at all times?

Our baggage drivers require free access to the baggage drop-off location between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. This can be a staffed reception, but it can also be an option to leave your luggage in a garage or on a terrace.

Can I drop off my luggage after 09.00 a.m.?

Unfortunately no. As our drivers transport several hundred pieces of luggage per day in the high season, the trips are tightly timed. And other guests would have to wait too long for their luggage in the evening.

Can I have a piece of luggage transported from Kreuzlingen to Romanshorn?

No, for two reasons: Firstly, for customs reasons, we cannot accept transportation within Switzerland. This means that either the starting point or destination may be in Switzerland, but the other must be in Austria or Germany.
On the other hand, we only transport luggage in a clockwise direction around the lake. This corresponds to the direction of travel of 95% of Lake Constance cyclists, because those who cycle clockwise always have the lake on their side.

Can I choose the accommodation freely?

Yes, but please make sure that baggage collection and drop-off is accessible. As I said, our baggage drivers need free access to the baggage drop-off point between 09:00 and 18:00.

Will I receive luggage tags?

Naturally! Because this is the only way we can ensure that your luggage arrives at its destination. If you pay by invoice, you will receive the luggage tags with the invoice. If you book spontaneously, our drivers will bring the luggage tags with them on the first day and attach them to your luggage so that they are clearly visible. In this case, simply attach a note with your name clearly visible to the luggage or inform the hotel reception staff which items of luggage are involved.

Why am I faster on my bike than the driver in the car?

Our drivers transport up to 800 pieces of luggage around Lake Constance every day. So it takes time to deliver everything to the right place. What we are particularly proud of: In 2023, we transported almost 80,000 pieces of luggage. And 99.9% of them arrived at their destination on time!

Who can I contact if I have any questions or if my luggage has not arrived?

If you have a question in advance or en route, simply contact our logistics team on +49 7531 81 99 3-29. The logistics department is staffed daily from 08:00 to 16:00.
In an emergency, i.e. if your luggage has not arrived after 6.00 p.m., you will receive a special emergency number with your booking confirmation. This emergency number is manned daily from 08.00 to 20.00.