Accommodation on the Lake Constance Cycle Path

Accommodation on the Lake Constance Cycle Path

At Lake Constance there is a variety of accommodation, depending on the requirements, there is something for everyone. In the larger towns there are youth hostels, campsites and hotels for every budget practically everywhere. In addition, there is a large number of vacation apartments, with many landlords renting out the apartments only by the week.

We would like to recommend some accommodations to you on

In the main travel season in July and August, but also on extended weekends such as Pentecost or Ascension Day, all accommodations are often fully booked, even youth hostels and campsites. Therefore, remember to make reservations in time or book one of our package tours. On these trips we organize the accommodation and take care of the transport of your suitcases and bags.

If you do not want to transport your luggage yourself, just use our luggage transport service on the Lake Constance Cycle Route. We bring it from accommodation to accommodation. Our luggage transport is bookable online or by e-mail up to seven days in advance.

Accommodation along the Lake Constance Cycle Path

Hotels and hostels, which we would like to particularly recommend to you:

Accommodation in the Constance Region

Accommodation in the Lower Lake Region

Accommodation in the Überlingen Region

Accommodation in the Friedrichshafen Region

Accommodation in the Lindau Region

Accommodation in the Rorschach Region