A trip to the Middle Ages


Located on the northern shore of Lake Constance, Meersburg is one of the region's visitor magnets. And rightly so! A castle visible from afar, winding old town alleys, magnificent half-timbered houses, lush vineyards, cosy cafés on the lakeside promenade and a seemingly endless view of the glittering waves of the lake – the romantic flair of this town is overwhelming.

During the Middle Ages, when Meersburg was the residence of the bishops of Constance, the historic townscape was created that has survived to this day. From the opposite side of the lake, the ensemble of castle, New Castle, seminary and numerous vineyards is unmistakable. Speaking of wine, Meersburg is one of the main wine-growing towns on Lake Constance. Cultivation has been practised here since the 14th century. Taste the sun-drenched white and red wines at the local winegrowers or in a wine tavern!

Meersburg is also a great starting point for scenic hiking and cycling tours that lead through the hinterland, vineyards or along the lakeshore.


Meersburg - Old castle Meersburg
Meersburg Castle

Landmark of the town! Germany's oldest inhabited castle is one of the most popular sights on Lake Constance. According to legend, its beginnings date back to the 7th century. Well preserved, it is now privately owned and can be visited – ideal for immersing yourself in the Middle Ages. Its most famous inhabitant was the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.

Meersburg - Wine Museum
Vineum Lake Constance

In vino veritas! The modern and interactive museum shows the cultural history of wine growing in Meersburg and around Lake Constance. In the entrance area is a wine storkel from 1607 – one of the oldest and largest wine presses in Europe. Guided tours and wine tastings round off the Vineum's offerings.

Meersburg, castle
New Palace

Since the prince bishop of the time no longer considered Meersburg to be representative as a residence, he arranged for the construction of a palace at the beginning of the 18th century. Impressive on the outside, opulently furnished on the inside, it served as the residence of the prince bishops of Constance for several decades. Today it serves as a museum. From the garden terrace, visitors have a magnificent view of Lake Constance all the way to the Swiss shore.

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