• Approx. 21,000 inhabitants.
  • The town lends its name to this area of Lake Constance.
  • A Kneipp spa since 1956.
  • Located on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route.

Small history overview:

Überlingen, prettily located on the steep slopes of Überlinger See, has about 21,000 inhabitants today. The town is a popular holiday destination and enjoyed also as a spa and Kneipp resort. The town was founded by Friedrich Barbarossa in the 12th century.

During the Middle Ages it was a free imperial town and flourished because of its trade with salt, wheat and wine. Reminders of this time are the ramparts, defense towers and town moat from the fortifications as well as many historic houses and buildings and are a fascinating monument to the past.

It's definitely worth wandering through the historic old town. You will pass the town hall (14th century), the Gothic Münster church of St. Nikolaus (14th century) and many old residential houses.

If you're interested in town history, go and visit the local town museum. From the garden terrace you have wonderful views of the town, the lake and the alps. The town gardens, from the 19th century, are plentiful in subtropical vegetation. They also feature a rose garden, a group of cacti and a deer park. South of the gardens is the extensive spa and baths.

Sights in Überlingen

Überlingen - Town Hall

Town Hall

The town hall was built in the 14th and 15th centuries. Pfenningturm tower was where the mint was kept. The famous council chamber was created by Jakob Rueß (1492 - 1494) and has a wooden-sculpted arcaded frieze and 41 little statues representing three or four of the states of the Holy Roman Empire, in the German nation. The council chamber is still used today to hold council!

Überlingen - St. Nikolaus Münster Church

St. Nikolaus Münster Church

The Münster church is the town's landmark and largest Late Gothic building in the Lake Constance area (1350 - 1562). It has a five-naved basilica, which produces a particularly beautiful spatial effect, and the magnificent high altar by Überlingen master carver, Jörg Zürn (1613 - 1616).


Town Museum

The museum is in Reichlin-von-Meldegg-Haus (1462), a beautiful townhouse from the late medieval times. The facade with rustic rectangular designs is one of the earliest examples of the Italian Renaissance in Germany. You will find a magnificent Baroque banquet room (museum's hall). From the garden, you have charming views of the old town. The museum of local history has a noteworthy collection of Pre- and Early-History exhibits ranging from art to sculptures, a collection of Baroque cribs and historic dolls houses from the Renaissance to Art Nouveau.

Überlingen - Franciscan Church

Franciscan Church

This lovely church dates back to the 14th and 15th centuries and was renovated in the Baroque style in the 18th century. You can see two original figures by J. A. Feuchtmayer, an important sculptor and stucco plasterer from the Lake Constance area.

Überlingen - Lake Constance Thermal Baths

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Lake Constance Thermal Baths

In the large thermal and adventure park you will find outdoor and indoor thermal pools, many water attractions, a sport swimming pool, tire slide, wide slide, parent&child area and Kneipp spa treading pools. Sunbathing area and sundecks invite you to relax here in the summer. The wonderful views can also be enjoyed during the entire visit and in the summer you can also hop into the lake for a refreshing dip. The thermal baths in Überlingen also have an extensive sauna and spa area.