Hegau tour from Radolfzell

I've been living in Constance for over 4 years and there's a lot to see and experience on the Lake Constance cycle path. My favourite part is the Höri peninsular between Radolfzell and Stein am Rhein - but remember that particularly in the peak season the cycle path can get pretty busy. That's why the Hegau tour is just the right alternative.

The route

Radolfzell – Moos – Bohlingen – Rielasingen-Worblingen – Singen (Hohentwiel) – Volkertshausen – Aach – Aachtopf – Eigeltingen – Lochmühle – Schloss Langenstein – Wahlwies – Stahringen – Radolfzell

Some of the routes are paved or gravel and follow separate cycle paths or go along field trails and village and country roads. It's a colourful mix, suitable for touring bikes, but not so much for racing cyclists or children.

This day tour takes you into Lake Constance' back country, to the so-called Hegau region. Fields, meadows and orchards, as well as the volcanic craters around Singen, are on our route today. Along the river Aach, the route is level up to the Aach spring then takes a slightly hillier turn on the way from Eigeltingen to Lochmühle and then back via Langenstein Castle to Radolfzell.

Maybe you'll have the same experience as me that you'll tell people how stunning your trip was, but hardly anyone will know the places you've been to. 


Arrival in Radolfzell

By car
Take the motorway as far as the motorway junction at Hegau, meeting the A81 and the connecting A96. From the motorway junction, you follow the main B33 road to Radolfzell.

By Train/bus
The next international Deutsche Bahn train stations, at Friedrichshafen and Singen, are serviced at 30-minute intervals. Trains also leave for the nearby Swiss station at Schaffhausen every couple of hours.
In Radolfzell, all buses stop at the central bus station, which is right next to Radolfzell train station.


signpost Flusserlebnispfad Hegauer Aach

On the Hegau tour, I follow different signposts - but this one is almost always to be found on the route to the Aach spring: Flusserlebnispfad Hegauer Aach. 

signpost EuroVelo 6

From Eigeltingen you can follow signs for Eurovelo cycle path 6 back to Radolfzell. 

On the way:

From the station in Radolfzell, follow the Lake Constance cycle path on the lake side, along an avenue to Moos. In Moos, I turn right and follow the cycle or footpath signs for Bohlingen. Before reaching Bohlingen I see the Hegauer Flusserlebnispfad signs for the first time, which lead me reliably through the villages.

Countryside in Bohlingen

I often stop to take photos of the countryside in the springtime and to enjoy the peace and quiet. There aren't many cyclists out, off the beaten track of the Lake Constance cycle path. If a cyclist does pass by, we greet each other. That's nice! 

There are no signs in the town of Rielasingen which makes route finding a bit difficult. The cycle path ends at Altert-Tenbrink Strasse, just before a small bridge on the right. I cross the bridge and then turn left on to the Aach path. After a few hundred metres the road ends at the main road and the cycle path signage wants to take me to the right.

But I now know that it's better to cross the main road and follow the path on the other side, down to the Aach. You can now follow this route in pleasant green countryside alongside the river Aach to Singen. 

Hohentwiel fort ruins

I keep my eyes open for the Hohentwiel fort ruins which should appear ahead of me, magnificently on top of the rocks of a former volcano.
Just before the former grounds of the State Horticultural Show, I see them for the first time. Theoretically I could go and visit but then I wouldn't have enough time for my circular Hegau tour. I'd rather come back to visit the ruins especially, and do a hike here too. Singen is well connected by train.

The State Horticultural Show grounds from 2000 are a wonderful sight not only in the spring with some lovely wild orchards and bushes. The cycle path takes me through the grounds. The town gardens, on an island, are great for a short stop to admire the sea of flowers here. 

Hausen next to Volkertshausen

Route-finding is a bit tricky again here, on the grounds of the State Horticultural Show in Singen. I mustn't follow the signs for Singen Centre, but keep going straight ahead for Hilzingen/Ramsen. The signs stop at Schaffhausener Strasse at the Scheffelhalle in Singen. The cycle path turns right at the Scheffelhalle, to continue along the Aach.

Important to remember:

You can always follow the course of the Aach, even if it doesn't look like that, as sometimes the Aach likes to hide itself!

source of the Aach

I leave the Hohentwiel behind me and continue on heading for Beuren an der Aach and Volkertshausen to the Aachtopf - the source of the Aach. It's Germany's biggest spring. The waterway ends here, seeping away between Immendingen and Fridingen. Just how the water springs out of the earth can't be seen, as this happens in an underground cave. Above the ground is an idyllically located little lake complete with restaurant and patio with views of the spring.

I follow the footpath on the other side of the spring and then, after a 10 minute uphill section, have wonderful views of the Aach - town and river. This little tour is well worth it! 

Panoramic view of Aach
Lochmühle next to Eigeltingen

Next, I decided to take the cycle path along the main road to Eigeltingen for about 4 km. I was hungry! And I'd heard that the Lochmühle is a great place to go! This is the fastest route there and didn't look too bad on the map. The path took me through the woods and between the road and the cycle path is a wide 4-metre verge.

In Eigeltingen I followed signs for the Lochmühle - a 400-year old farm with a lovely old restaurant. What I didn't know is that it's also a leisure park with animals, a petting zoo, adventure playground and you can also go horse riding, hire a mini quad and even drive a tractor!

I was lucky to find a table in the restaurant after about 5 minutes. I'm sure it's quieter during the week, but I had imagined this country restaurant to be more idyllic and relaxed, right in the middle of the countryside, but that wasn't quite right. However the food was excellent and a good price for very good quality.

If you fancy visiting the Lochmühle, here's a small tip from me:

don't follow the local signs for the entire route, as they take you up a long hill only to go back down again when you get to the top. 

Follow the road signs through the village until the main road takes a sharp bend to the right. Turn left here and then left again into Hinterdorfstrasse. Don't cross the Krebsbach River, but turn right before. You'll pass Krebsbach Halle Eigeltingen and the follow the road as it goes slightly uphill to the large Lochmühle car park. 

Langenstein castle near Orsingen-Nenzingen

In Eigeltingen, the cycle path is well signposted and you head now for Langenstein Castle, which is surrounded by a golf course and is also home to a museum with exhibits about the traditional carnival celebrated here. Here onwards, the route is slightly hilly. The signs for Eurovelo cycle path 6 take me mainly along country roads towards Radolfzell. The views are lovely with the route taking me through woods, over fields and through pretty villages. OK - there is a short section alongside the B34 road, but that's practically forgotten. 

It's also possible to get to Radolfzell from Eigeltingen via Steißlingen. But on the map it looked like that would be hillier which is why I opted for the other route. 

My conclusion:

the Hegau tour takes you through some beautiful countryside and is easily cycled.