Mainau, Tulpe

By bike from Constance to the Island of Mainau

Past the lakeshore, through forests and meadows, discover the beauties around Constance on the bike. The flower splendor of Mainau Island is the destination of numerous visitors and worth a trip at any time of the year!

From the old town of Constance, it is approximately 16 km by bike to the flower island and back. Depending on how much time you want to spend on the Mainau, this bike tour is also suitable for an afternoon, for late risers or families with children.
Our suggestion leads through Hockgraben to Mainau Island, as far as possible car-free. Also on the return via Hörnle you cycle on roads with little traffic. This tour tip is therefore very relaxed and equally suitable for families with children.

As an alternative, you can additionally find the direct route by bike to the island of Mainau.
This is a little shorter, but leads you a longer way along the busy Mainaustraße.

Tulips on Mainau Island
Note: Without bike on the island of Mainau

On the island itself, you can not take your bike. But the island of Mainau is happy about every bike visitor and has created the best conditions for a bike trip to the entrance: Numerous parking facilities, lockers for bike accessories and much more await you and your bike in front of the footbridge to the island.

Imperia in front of the port of Constance
Arrival to Constance

This tour starts at the train station in Constance, which is located directly behind the harbor. Arriving by train is very easy: regional trains from Germany and Switzerland arrive at the station regularly. However, be sure to inquire about the possibilities and conditions for taking bicycles on the train. Around the lake, this is usually possible without any problems. You only need an additional bike ticket.

It is even nicer to arrive via the lake, of course: The ships of the White Fleet (Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe), connect the ports of the major cities around the lake. The catamaran is the fastest way from Friedrichshafen to Konstanz. With views of the shore and the Alpine peaks behind, a ride is especially beautiful! Bicycles require an extra ticket, but have plenty of room on the fast ships.

If you are coming to Constance by ferry from Meersburg, simply start your bike tour at the ferry terminal in Constance-Staad.

Via Hockgraben and University to Mainau Island

From Constance's old town, follow the signs for Mainau Island (blue dot) first to the bank of the Rhine. At the Rheintorturm, the foremost city tower, keep to the right and ride to the Fahrradbrücke (bicycle bridge). This is the middle one of the three Constance bridges over the Rhine. It is accessible only to pedestrians and cyclists. Look to your right as you cross the bridge: the Rhine coming out of the lake, Lake Constance and the mountain peaks behind it are a delight every time, even for established Constance residents!

Bike path to Mainau Island

Follow the bike path straight ahead after the bridge. After the traffic lights and crossing the railroad tracks, you will reach Zähringerplatz. The signs will lead you in the direction of Mainau Island across the large intersection. You are now on the same bike path that many students use daily on their way to the university. At the height of the student dormitories, follow the arrows to the right, into the so-called Hockgraben. Now you cycle away from the main roads, past ponds, meadows and the namesake stream.
Here, above Constance, the University of Constance was opened. If you fancy a grand view, lock your bike at one of the lower entrances and make your way up the admittedly winding stairs to the cafeteria terrace. The view is worth it! Überlinger See, Mainau Island, Meersburg with its two castles and the Obersee lake are virtually at your feet.
Back on your bike, follow the signs towards Mainau Island. Through an underpass you reach the Constance district Egg. At the intersection in front of the chapel you meet the Bodensee-Radweg. The last bit to the island of Mainau, you cycle under trees.

Bicycles in front of Mainau Island
Tip: Bike parking facilities in front of Mainau Island

Before the island entrance, you must leave your bike: Mainau is bike-free area!

However, with numerous parking facilities, lockers for bike bags and helmets, changing rooms and even a small repair station, everything a cyclist's heart desires is provided for.

From Mainau Island via the Hörnle back to Constance

After a walk through the sea of flowers on Mainau Island, you can choose a different bike route for the way back and cycle around the Hörnle. This is the promontory in front of the city and favorite bathing place of many Constance residents.

Constance-Staad ferry port

On the bike, leave Mainau Island on the same path that brought you to Mainau, in the direction of Constance/Egg. At the chapel near the Egg village fountain, which you already know, follow the bike signs of the Lake Constance bike path to the left. The cycle path leads you a little above the shore of Lake Constance in the direction of Staad. You cycle past the Constance Ruppaner brewery; you can already take a break here if you'd like.
You meet the ship road, which leads to the landing stage of the ferry Constance-Meersburg. If you have not yet visited this, simply roll downhill. On the other side of the lake you will recognize the two castles of Meersburg. In addition, you can enjoy one of the delicious fish rolls in the fish house at the ferry port.
You follow the bike signs away from the harbor through Staad to the traffic circle. Do not be confused by conflicting signs at the traffic circle. Jakobstraße, the bike path around the Hörnle, turns off to the left.

View of Constance from the Seestraße

Jakobstraße leads you through the Loretto Forest around the Hörnle. At the tip of the headland you will meet the Bodenseestadion and the open-air swimming pool. If you haven't ventured into the lake yet today, here's your chance! You can lock up your bike at one of the many bike racks for that long. Or you can sweeten your bike break with some ice cream. Walk to the top of the Hörnle, the view of the Upper Lake, the Constance Trichter, Meersburg and the Swiss shore unique!

Back on your bike, take Einhornstraße back to the city area. The Lake Constance Cycle Path directs you to the left at the bus stop Hebelstraße. Already you are on the famous Seestraße. The Art Nouveau houses have been the backdrop for many films.
On the bike side of Alte Rheinbrücke (Old Rhine Bridge) you finally return to the medieval old town of Constance.

Alternative: The fastest bike route to Mainau Island

The fastest way from the old town of Constance leads you, how could it be otherwise, via the Mainaustraße.

You leave the old town of Constance via Alte Rheinbrücke (Old Rhine Bridge). The cycle path over the bridge ends in a long bend. At the end of it, keep to the right and pass under the bridge, finally turning directly left on the other side, even if the bike signposts point straight ahead. After a few meters you have reached Mainaustraße, which you will also recognize by the road signs for Mainau, Meersburg/Fähre. Follow this road on the bike path, past the school and hospital.

After passing the Maria-Hilf chapel, the Mainaustraße leads in a long curve up to the Staad district of Constance. In the bend, the bike path changes to the left side of the road. The bike signposts will eventually lead you downhill towards the ferry at the large intersection in Staad. Before you reach the pier, turn left into Hoheneggstraße. The signs for the Lake Constance Cycle Path, the Constance Ruppaner Brewery and the Hohenegg Restaurant will all point you in the right direction.
Above the shore of Lake Constance, you now ride past said restaurant and brewery, through the districts of Allmannsdorf and Egg on the Lake Constance Cycle Path directly in front of the entrance to Mainau Island.