Mainau: Island of flowers

Welcome to paradise!

Mainau: Island of flowers

Here, garden lovers can hardly get enough – the famous island of Mainau on Lake Constance is so rich in blossoms. The flower year already starts at the end of March with a large orchid show. This is followed by the tulip bloom in April, the election of the rose queen in June and the dahlia show in late summer. Rhododendrons, azaleas, angel trumpets, hibiscus and passion flowers round out the colorful bouquet. Quail cross your path and turtles inhabit the numerous ponds.

The heart of Mainau is the park-like arboretum with its many rare and in part very valuable deciduous and coniferous trees. Another visitor magnet is the second largest butterfly house of Germany (open all year round!), where approximately 120 different types of butterflies romp at 90 per cent air humidity. The palm house has tropical flair, too. The star here is the 15-meter-high date palm planted in 1888.

It is possible to arrive by bike, but cycling is not permitted on the island itself. On the mainland, there is a parking lot at the entrance, which also offers parking facilities for bicycles (including trailers). There are also free charging stations for e-bikes, lockers, changing facilities and puncture repair kits.

Island Mainau
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